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Crazy Wisdom covers release of FL!P YOUR K!TCHEN

Thanks to Crazy Wisdom Journal for covering the release of Fl!p Your K!tchen and to the Crazy Wisdom tea shop and store in downtown Ann Arbor for carrying the cookbook!

You can pick up a copy of the journal in many retail locations around Ann Arbor or read the article online.

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A few corrections/clarifications I’d like to point out about the article:

  1. The comment about cooking class students not using recipes once they go home does not make a clear distinction between cooking classes offered by most others—what I call “cooking as entertainment”—and the classes I have taught, which I call “cooking as education/life skill.” I have no problem with the former—in fact, I love a good cooking class for entertainment, especially if there’s some good wine involved! My comment was more that these classes don’t move the needle on people overcoming the barriers they have to cooking from scratch on a regular basis. The students I’ve had who are serious about making changes in their cooking and eating habits report that they do, in fact, use my recipes regularly!
  2. Another misleading statement refers to me growing up with a working mother in an era of convenience foods—that part is true enough, but we hardly ever saw a convenience food in our house!
  3. And if you are trying to call me, the correct phone number is 310-892-9485.

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