Courage to Conquer

I’ll have what she’s having…

If you’re about my age and you’ve seen When Harry Met Sally, there’s at least one line that people of our generation all know: I’ll have what she’s having.

It seems like every generation has a line or two like that, and even when we hear them out of context, it still makes us laugh.

As a coach, I support women in their 40s and beyond in navigating the next stage of their lives with good health and joy, and in our Instagram-heavy world, I’ve often noticed that we tend to look longingly at each other’s lives in a perpetual “grass-is-always-greener” way: Yes, please, I’ll have what she’s having.

For the moment, let’s put aside the fact that Instagram is not reality and take a look at what we admire about others: is it their flawless physiques, their glowing skin and radiant hair, their boundless energy, their happy relationships, their picture-perfect families, their career success, their self-confidence…?

Or is it an undefinable something about the whole package that makes us feel a little “less than,” a little (or a lot) envious?

I was recently invited to participate in Courage to Conquer: A Free Wonder Woman Interview Series to Living Your Most Badass Life, and helping women move beyond that disempowered feeling is what the host, Jessica Elizabeth Opert, is aiming to do with her project. (Full disclosure: as an interviewee and affiliate of the series, you may notice that the registration link above is specific to me. The series is free, and there is no financial benefit to me if you choose to register.)

There are so many webinars and tele-summits out there that are created around a specific topic—thyroid health, hormone health, healthy eating, affirmations, essential oils, etc.—and what stood out to me about Courage to Conquer was the sheer variety of the women being interviewed.

What’s the organizing principle?

Jessica herself is a love and relationship coach, and she realized that many of her clients focus intently on that one aspect of their lives—their relationships—sometimes ignoring other facets. Yet what often draws us into relationship with others is often that undefinable something about the whole person.

So Jessica set out to explore as many of the pieces of the whole package as she could … and Courage to Conquer was born. Along the way, she also realized that she could help other entrepreneurs to gain some visibility and spread their own messages of feminine empowerment.

I’m pleased (and a little nervous) about being the final interview—perhaps I felt a little pressure to tie it all up somehow—but the conversation with Jessica was comfortable and fun, and wow, did we cover a lot of ground!

I hope you’ll join Jessica for the Courage to Conquer—I’ll be on June 26th, and there are a whole bunch of cool women before that!