coming soon

coming soon!

“Coming soon to a theater near you!” Wonder when we’ll hear that again?

One thing the pandemic has made me realize is how much I miss going to the movie theater.

We were never regular movie-goers: we’d look over the schedule and decide which movies were “must see on the big screen” and which ones were “meh, I can wait until it comes out on DVD.” (Yeah, we waited a looong time to join streaming.)

Once we got to the theater, the previews drove me crazy—and they were sometimes my husband’s favorite part!

previews of coming attractions

I’m hoping you enjoy previews because this week’s blog post is all about what I’m preparing to offer in the fall—September being a New Year of sorts for many of us.

I’m taking August off from doing workshops, and while I’m still coaching, blogging and podcasting, I’m spending more time on some exciting new offerings, including a free 5-day challenge and some new collaborations.

goodbye, burnout! FREE 5-day challenge

Don’t miss it! The Goodbye, Burnout! free 5-day challenge starts this coming Monday, August 10.

Naturally, we won’t be reversing your burnout in five short days—after all, you didn’t get here overnight, either. And you’ll still start to activate the five simple steps to reversing it or preventing it from happening in the first place.

Join the challenge—and invite your friends, because the more, the merrier, and the more support we all get.

Every day next week, you’ll get an email with a super-simple (and I mean painless) step you can take on the path back from overwhelm and exhaustion. I’ll be holding you accountable by asking you to check in daily to let me know how it’s going, either via email or in the Simply: Health Coaching private Facebook group, where I’ll also be doing a Facebook Live video at noon every day next week.

(Yes, if you know me, you will know that doing five videos in five days is my own private challenge! Those alone will be worth the price of admission—oh, right, it’s FREE.)

If you register late, you’ll still get links to all the previous steps in the following day’s email.

foundations of wellness for women

Foundations of Wellness for Women

An integrative gynecologist and two health coaches walk into a Zoom room….

Haha—if you are a fan of Hamilton, you’re welcome for the earworm—like that music isn’t “sticky” enough already!

Anyway, starting August 21, you can join Dr. Suman Tewari, coach Jen Sprague, and myself every other Friday at lunchtime on Zoom for straight talk about the foundations of wellness for women.

We’re kicking it off on Friday, August 21 with an episode we’re calling “Ask Us Anything!” Please register and submit your questions in advance, either on our Facebook page or via the Google form linked to there.

You can follow our news and upcoming events on our Facebook page.

new workshops


If you missed the Best Food Choices series of virtual workshops that ran in May, June, and July, you can find the replays and handouts in my private Facebook group for women 40+.

I’ll be back with two new workshops for September, October, and November.

In these workshops, we’ll be focusing on how to maximize your time—in your life in general and more specifically in your kitchen.

The information provided is simple and actionable, and each workshop provides a downloadable resource as a helpful takeaway.

  • “Who’s got the time?” takes a look at how we can create a daily schedule that allows us to meet our many obligations and still have time to nurture ourselves.
  • “Let’s make a (meal) plan!” helps you to create a meal plan that works for you and your family.

Workshops are free, and registration is required. You can find the details on my community page, where you’ll always be able to see my upcoming events of all stripes.

EAT™ your way to health


There will still be free EAT™ your way to health workshops in September, and the EAT™ group coaching program is now up and running! See whether you’re a good fit to join the newest cohort starting October 1st by scheduling a free consultation.

1:1 coaching

I will have space for five new 1:1 coaching clients beginning in September, so if you’ve been thinking about re/claiming your best health ever, particularly in the face of “the quarantine 15” or “the Covid 19,” now’s the time to take action!

Schedule a free consultation between August 17–20, and let’s get started!

but wait! there’s more!

Phew! That’s a lot—and that’s not all….

  • I’m still blogging and podcasting weekly, and beginning in mid-August, we’ll be switching our discussions from focusing on secondary foods to honing in on our primary foods—everything else in our lives that nourishes us (or doesn’t). Look for more interview-style episodes after months of just hearing my voice!
  • The (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood is getting settled in our new clubhouse—the online membership site has moved to my website and you can start accessing all the “restricted” content by joining us at the membership level that suits you best.
  • In October, I’ll be collaborating with Ayurvedic practitioner Meena Puri on a three-part series on healing your relationship with food.
  • SALE! During the month of August, you can get 50% off each of my self-paced online courses by using the coupon code SUMMER2020 at checkout. You’ll get a new module each week and can work at your own pace through them.

Well, that’s quite enough for now, I’m sure!

make the connection

Opportunities abound for getting healthy this fall—which one will you sign up for?

Come on, you know it’s actually going to be fun getting healthy when you do it with the accountability I provide and the community you’ve been missing in lockdown….