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the lockdown life | volunteer, coach, record, repeat…

who else is on lockdown?

Wow has it ever been a week, and they say it will all get worse before it gets better. (“They” always have a lot to say, have you noticed?) At last count, 21 states were under some sort of lockdown/shelter-in-place executive order.

My heart goes out to all those whose lives have been turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, and I’m so grateful for all those on the front lines doing essential work to keep our communities functioning through this time.

It’s been heartwarming to see the wide-ranging random and not-so-random acts of kindness going on around us and seeing state and local governments stepping up despite what feels like hopelessly clogged bureaucracy at the federal level. I was amazed at how quickly our state came up with a logo and brand messaging for the “Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.” campaign.

I’m still marveling at the number of neighbors I see out running and walking, and I keep wondering whether when life returns to normal—okay, normal enough that the gyms reopen—I’ll continue to see them.

And I’m blown away by what I’ve seen being created by my networks—real and virtual—to get through this. Virtual coffee and happy hours, virtual dance parties, free offerings galore, all in the interest of being of service.

how i spent my week


I’m involved with a group of women food and beverage entrepreneurs, and two of our group stepped up to help organize meals for kids who sometimes only eat at school. The school dining services continue to provide breakfast and lunch, and these women have organized us to provide dinners for 200 kids who live in under-resourced families served by Community Action Network.


I’ve spent my week providing free 1:1 and group coaching calls for anyone who is struggling with their health—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic—and needs a sympathetic ear and some support in getting through these stressful times.

It’s been extremely fulfilling and a lot of fun connecting with new people as well as reconnecting with friends, family, and previous clients.

These calls will continue through mid-April!

  • If you would like to join me on a 1:1 and call, you can register here.
  • For a schedule of upcoming group calls, visit my community page.


I’ve been a guest on a few more podcasts that will be out soon, and I started my own podcast as well!

You can listen to my podcast online on Anchor or on any of the listening apps linked to on that page.

I’ll be going back to some basics after this week on the podcast, and tomorrow, I’m finishing out a five-day series on mental hygiene—all about anxiety and stress reduction for these times (and others).

The image below summarizes what we’ve covered this week—you can download it by clicking on it, then print it and post it somewhere you’ll see it often! Use it to remind yourself about these simple practices, none of which take more than a few minutes. Don’t be overwhelmed—take one small step, and then another!

mental hygiene image

make the connection

Please check in via the comments or in an email and let me know how you’re faring, whether you’re in lockdown, and what you’re doing to get through it!