I got nothin’…

In an unusual turn of events, I’ve been traveling 10 days out of the last 25—first to Chicago to speak on a panel, then to Ohio for parents’ weekend, then to Vermont to see my parents, and I’ve got to admit it—I’m exhausted.

With my new “international commuter marriage,” traveling now means that in addition to all the logistics of a trip, I need to make arrangements for house, dog, and boy (although “boy” sounds vaguely wrong for the tallest member of the family) in addition to keeping up with work on the road.

Wednesday afternoon, I gave a practice pitch for the competition I’m in next month—and it was a struggle. There were moments that morning when I would look at a slide and find a big blank in my mind: I got nothin’. It went okay—let’s just say it’s a good thing I still have a few weeks to practice!

Today, I’m taking a “brain break” and focusing on things like getting the dog to the groomer, stocking the fridge, cleaning the house, and preparing for Sunday’s Brunch Club.

I find that doing mindless tasks and working with my hands is always a good way to give the brain a rest—so no ramblings for you on the blog!

Instead, I leave you with some photos from my trip to Vermont (because Vermont in October—she was kind enough to hang onto a few leaves for me).


  1. Audrey Acton

    Lovely. I used to hike when my mind was a blank. If anything, it made my mind more blank which opened it up even more.

    1. Elizabeth Baker

      I’ve become positively addicted to my afternoon walk w/ Kermit in the forest. There’s a different sort of blank space, isn’t there?

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