Ask us anything! 1

Ask us anything!


What do you want to know?

As a health coach, I spend a lot of time asking clients questions. Well, now it’s your turn!

My friend Andrea Bachman (Ayurvedic Health Counselor/Yoga Instructor/Doula at Grounded Here) and I are taking questions from our students and clients through Friday, June 17, and will host a live interview of each other on Friday, June 24 using your questions. We invite you to watch/listen in and ask follow up questions!

Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your questions below in the comments, via Facebook under the post at the top: “Ask us anything!” or email or text by end of day on Friday, June 17.
  • The interview will be aired live at 1pm ET on Friday, June 24. Details on how to listen in will be posted on Facebook and also sent to you at the email address at which you’re receiving this invitation.
  • The interview will also be recorded, so you can still hear it if you’re not available on June 24! I’ll send out the link and also post it on Facebook.
    So, what do you want to know about me, Andrea, and/or our work? Questions can be posed to either or both of us – Andrea’s Ayurvedic Health practice and my own health coaching work have quite a bit in common and of course some differences!

If you have questions about your own health, please make an appointment to discuss that in private – you can book a consultation with Andrea or with me depending on your area of interest.

To your best health,


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