About those resolutions…

Where do you stand on making New Year’s resolutions? Do you set them each year and achieve at least part of them? Do you set them and never think about them again? Or do you not set them at all, knowing full well that the only one you can keep is to not set any?

I personally fall somewhere in the middle: I have enough discipline to reach the big goals (like publishing a cookbook!) … and yet still struggle with the will power for smaller daily efforts, such as giving up sugar entirely, once and for all (although I have made major progress over the years)!

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, here’s some food for thought from a variety of health experts on setting resolutions : 15 Resolutions Health Experts Wish You Would Make. Some will be familiar, others may surprise you.

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As a health coach, I can support you in setting and reaching your health goals, no matter when during the year you make them.

And if, as I mention in #10 in the article, you are ready to show up for yourself in a big way this year, let’s talk sooner rather than later: you can email me, call me at 310-892-9485 (8a-8p ET), or contact me through my website for a free initial consultation.

Welcome to 2017: new year, new you!