Fl!p Your K!tchen cover

A (video) taste of the Fl!p Your K!tchen™ project

You can now order Fl!p Your K!tchen! More details about the book can be found on the blog.

And check out this beautiful video created by Christian O’Grady and Victoria Zegler of FYT Productions and featuring some of the splendid photos of Chuk Nowak, the cookbook design by Sean McDonald, and “my” farmers, Tomm Becker of Sunseed Farm and Salomon Jost of Salomon Gardens.

And now it’s time to … take on phase 2 of the project. Because apparently, I can’t live without too much on my plate? My vision for the project includes an online course that accompanies the cookbook and creating a package that can be licensed to other health coaches as well as available to the public. Look for news of the online course in early 2017.