Ready to cook from scratch at home on a regular basis? Not sure how to get started?  

It's time to fl!p your k!tchen!

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What's your home cooking practice like?

  • You know that cooking from scratch and eating at home are a huge step toward being healthy.
  • But you don't have the time to do it.
  • And to be perfectly honest, you never learned how to cook.  
  • You’re done throwing money away on takeout, delivery, drive-throughs, meal kits, and eating out. 
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We can fix all that.

Here's the answer to cooking 21 meals a week from scratch—without spending your life in the kitchen!

FL!P YOUR K!TCHEN will walk you through:  

  • Setting up your pantry with whole foods
  • Learning a few basic recipes and techniques on how to cook these whole foods
  • Planning out meals for the week to avoid the last minute scramble/takeout option
  • Always (and I mean ALWAYS) cooking for more than one meal


The buzz in the k!tchen

Liza Baker’s commitment to SOLE food (seasonal, organic, local, ethical) is like Fair Food Network’s belief in a food system that is healthy, green, fair and affordable. Liza is in the forefront of the movement to put SOLE food back in our kitchens and fair food back in our schools, our markets, and on our tables across the country. Oran B. Hesterman, PhD President + CEO, Fair Food Network  

This is a thoughtful, fun, and inspiring guide for anyone interested in reclaiming the kitchen and loving every minute of it. Liza understands the challenges we face today in making healthy and realistic choices and she approaches these challenges head on with practical solutions for cooks at any level. Liz Alpern Co-author, The Gefilte Manifesto

Food is Love. It’s the vitamin “L," the essential nutrient for all people that is found in homemade scratch cooking. The personal energy that passes through our hands and into the food we prepare infuses our meals with a love that truly fills the hearts and souls of everyone we nourish. Liza's incredible knowledge and experience have been poured into this book. Fl!p Your K!tchen is a work of Love and Spirit, one that will be a “cooking bible” for all newbie cooks. Peggy Curry Co-founder, Curry Girls Kitchen

After years of working with clients, I know what gets results when it comes to making real change in the kitchen. Liza’s Fl!p Your K!tchen™ System is guaranteed to save you time and money and is flexible enough for even the pickiest eaters. I wholeheartedly recommend it! Julia Sarver Holistic Health Coach

I was expecting a good book…but this publication is so perfect in its simplicity and tangible hands-on kitchen usage, I think it is a must have for everyone who is inspired to prepare great and optimally nutritious meals with ease and thoughtfulness. Paul Fiedler, Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach Food of Men and Gods

I loved the course. Loved the gradual building to be able to put meals together and build on leftovers and meals in the freezer. To be able to cook from scratch and plan meals in advance (or never be without a meal) is so genius and healthy! Deb Ivy, Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach

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