5 -day challenge to better health

It’s baaaaack!

In August of 2020, I offered a free 5-day Goodbye, Burnout! challenge. (Yeah, that was back sometime in what a friend refers to as “Marchember”—that long stretch between the start of lockdown and, well, now.)

While my work now focuses on supporting women burning out in mission-driven fields, this challenge is open to everyone struggling with burnout: if you’re experiencing unexplained weight gain, increasing anxiety, chronic fatigue, an inability to focus, reduced efficacy at work, loss of interest (in everything), that’s you!

If you missed it in August, here’s your chance to join in—and if you did the challenge and want a refresher, come on back for more and invite your friends, family, and coworkers to join in the fun!

It really is fun, I promise!

what’s involved?

an email a day

Every day next week (February 1–5), you’ll get an email at 7am ET. Inside the email is a brief description of a simple health concept and one small challenge for the day—and I mean REALLY. SMALL. Because when you’re burning out, who’s got time for more than that?

The time you spend on the challenge each day is minimal: it’s more about making a different choice in one area of your life than it is about adding minutes and hours of complicated protocols to your already-packed schedule.

additional support + accountability

  • If you want a bit more 1:1 accountability and support, you can reply to the email in the evening and let me know how the day went. I promise to answer!
  • If you’re a woman 40+, you can join my private Facebook group and drop in to let us know how your day’s mini-challenge went.
  • I’ll be recording a daily deeper dive into the topic du jour on Facebook Live in my group at 11am—if you’re not in the group, let me know if you’d like a link to the replay.

what’s the benefit?

Making sustainable changes to your health is not something that happens overnight. It won’t happen in five days, either; however, at the end of our week together, you will have five simple mini challenges that you can keep up with on your own—they really are that simple. Stick with them, and you’ll gradually turn them into five healthy habits that will form the foundation of your sustainable, holistic health.

And if you’ve been on the fence about whether to hire a health coach, here’s your chance to get a taste of what it can be like—for FREE and with no obligation to continue.

make the connection

Ready to do this? Sign up here. (And invite your family, friends, and coworkers to join, too—there’s nothing like having an accountability buddy/cheerleader on your side!) You’ll get a reminder on Sunday, then we’re off to the races Monday morning—one tiny step at a time.