15 Ways to Make Life Simple Again

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“It’s complicated….”

Just about everything feels complicated these days, … and there’s a great excuse for not taking action, which causes us even more (di)stress.

How to make life simple

The greatest gift we can give ourselves when we start to feel this paralysis is determine what we can exert some control over and what we have no control over – because stressing about the latter is truly a waste of energy and only keeps us stuck. As Eckhart Tolle teaches, we have only three options when faced with a situation beyond our control: accept it fully, leave it completely, or work wholeheartedly to change it.

As an integrative nutrition health coach and kitchen coach, I am often struck by the idea that how we show up at the table is often a reflection of how we show up in our lives. In recent years, detoxes and cleanses have become an enormous dietary fad. While there is nothing wrong with many of them (although buyer beware!), they address only one part of our complex (notice I didn’t say complicated) lives – our diets.

Cleaning up one small facet of our lives and ignoring the rest is like changing the oil in the car but deciding that fixing the ding in the windshield is too much trouble/time/money. Eventually, that ding will become a crack, and we’ll be faced with a whole lot more trouble/time/money: it can’t be fixed with all the gallons of oil in the world, just as all the green juice in the world won’t make you healthy if you don’t work on other parts of your life and continue to eat junk, literally and figuratively.

How can we clean up our diet – both the food we put in our mouths and the other “foods” that nurture us?

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