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Pet Lessons

Is it really possible that Spring has sprung in Michigan finally? This past winter really felt endless—more so than others for some reason. And yet, thanks to a new furbaby we acquired in October, I have spent at least an hour (sometimes two) outdoors every day. I joke that Kermit and I are even more reliable than the US Postal Service, whose unofficial creed—adapted from a poem and carved i...
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Guest Blogger | A Full Circle: The Conclusion from Growth to Ground

Part of my Fl!p Your K!tchen™ system encourages you to minimize the amount of food wasted in your household. There are plenty of ways to “flip” your ingredients, but if they’ve really passed the point of no return (points to you if you got the Andrew Lloyd Weber reference), don’t throw them out! Whether you live in an apartment or have a spacious lot, I encourage you to learn to compost. Today’s g...
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