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Every board of directors has one….

board room
"Dressed in a navy suit, Dr. Blasey Ford maintained her composure throughout the hearing...." Oh yeah, here we go again. Really, New York Times?!? Let's ignore the fact that Dr. Blasey Ford's suit has exactly zero to do with the content of the hearings and less than zero with what the takeaways are. (Unless we're in the fashion industry? Unless we get a description of what the nominee was...
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Letters from camp

Our son, who just turned 11, was born two months early - luckily, he avoided many of the "insults of prematurity" (what an odd phrase that is!) and suffered mainly from bouts of asthma, which he has since outgrown. The effect on his parents, however, has been longer-lasting. We have struggled for years with our (in)ability to allow him space to try activities in which he might just get injur...
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