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Survey says…

My brain and I are on vacation this week, so instead of struggling to come up with a new post, I've decided it's your turn! I'm always interested in providing you with the content, products, and services you are most interested in, and in 2019, I will continue to offer the following: 1:1 coaching (virtual and in-person) focusing on—but not limited to—women 40+ The (Sorta) Secret Sisterh...
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Rearview mirror | What we learn from reaching (or not) a goal

rearview mirror
It's definitely wintry in Ann Arbor, and our seasonal diet has shifted from the cool leafy salads and quickly grilled foods of summer to heartier root veggies and slowly simmered soups and stews. Everything seems to slow down and turn inward at this time of year, which makes late fall/early winter a perfect time to reflect on the year gone by and think about the one ahead. I've been looking ...
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