it’s here….

Since it’s just about the only news out there other than the presidential primary, let’s talk about the coronavirus taking the world by storm.

I found this article by Dr. Diana Quinn Inlak’ech particularly informative—a good blend of conventional and alternative medical information.

And I particularly appreciate her taking a step back to look at the bigger picture.

make the connection

What’s on your mind around the virus? How are you feeling? How are you coping? What precautions are you taking? 


  1. Elizabeth Baker

    Covid-19 just landed in Michigan—it was inevitable as all of our surrounding states and Canada had it…. I’m really not panicking—and I recognize how privileged I am to be self-employed and work from home as that allows me to more or less self-isolate. My heart goes out to those less privileged and especially those without health insurance—I’ve been hearing a lot about how Europeans and Chinese are going to manage the financial impact much better than Americans. I’m also doing what my friend calls “remedying up”—lots of immunity-boosting foods and herbs and supplements.

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