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Are you in the (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood?

Let’s take a look at the business side of health coaching for a minute.

As a business owner, I spend a fair amount of time networking, and in networking groups—as in business—it’s vital to know who your “target market” is and to narrow your focus—your “niche”—down to a very specific group of people whom you serve.

There are entire books written about the topic, whole classes and webinars devoted to this, and lots of unhelpful (and yet very true) aphorisms about it, such as “If you claim to serve everyone, you’ll end up serving no one.”

Meaning that we humans like to be special, even if it’s in a negative way: wouldn’t you rather go to a specialist than a generalist for what ails you? wouldn’t you rather enroll in a program that’s just for you than one that could also help your mother, your child, and your mail carrier?

As a health coach, it can be really hard to establish a niche: the truth is that the fundamental principles of health coaching—bio-individuality, primary foods, an emphasis on whole foods—do help everyone, and a lot of us are on a mission: we really do want to save the health of everyone in the world.

What will happen to everyone else if we narrow our focus to one small subgroup of humans?

The marketing experts have an answer for that dilemma: just because you focus on helping teenagers doesn’t mean you can’t help their parents, etc.

And I admit that over time and with some experience in owning a business, I’ve come to believe this.

Are you in “my tribe”—would my coaching serve you?

Sorta Secret Sisterhood LogoYou’re in my tribe if you are a working wife and mother 40+ who believes that the only way out of the overwhelm involves a plane ticket, a wad of cash, and a change of identity. You may be the one gripping the minivan steering wheel in the grocery parking lot and wondering, “What would happen if I grabbed the grocery money and just. kept. driving?” You’re also the one who shoves these questions aside, suppresses the emotions you’re feeling, and powers through … because that’s what you should do, right?

When I say this in mixed company, “my women” laugh or give me an Amen, and most men look at me blankly, at which point I give the guys an assignment: Go home and ask your wife (or the other women in your life—although maybe not your boss, though?) how she feels about what she does in a day/week/month/year. Not what she accomplishes, but how she feels about it.

why write about this?

Many women at this stage of life very regularly feel completely alone in their struggles (whether they are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual…), which is ironic because if we’re all off in our own homes feeling alone, we’re actually part of a huge secret sisterhood.

And others, who breeze through this phase, may be completely unaware that some are struggling and could benefit from their wisdom.

Whichever group you relate to, I want to invite you into a new online community called the (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood.

welcome to the sisterhood!

A group of “Big Sisters” has been helping me to get the site up and running during the second quarter of 2018, and we ushered in a group of “Sneak Peekers” on June 1. Clubhouse doors will open to everyone else on July 1, 2018.

who we are

We are a group of working wives and mothers 40+ who want to live into this next stage of our lives positively, proactively, and with intention. We want to honor our many obligations … and live into our own wildest, sweetest dreams.

We may be years away from menopause, we may be in the jungle of perimenopause, or we may be on the other side: and we’re all there for each other whether reachout out for help or reaching out a hand to pull someone else up.

The membership site is run with the help of my friend Lisa Shaw, who draws on her considerable wisdom and love of coaching to provide even more resources to our merry band.

what we offer


We’re all juggling a million balls and keeping a million plates spinning in the air. And while we recognize that there are plenty of things we could complain about at this stage of life, we want to talk about them in a productive way and learn from each other how to not only survive but thrive at this age.


The site provides a range of content, including:

  • chat boards (join a conversation or start one of your own)

  • health coaching activities and resources
  • group Zoom-ins to connect with our sisters and see each other’s faces and/or to have online
  • workshops on topics that interest us (join live or hear the replay)
  • Q+A interviews with cool women experts who support us in various ways (join live or hear the replay)

We don’t promote any particular programs, products, or healthcare modalities (marketing/promotion are not allowed); instead, we take a “buffet” approach, providing information about a wide variety of resources that you may (or may not) want to incorporated into your life.


Think of us as sisters who are available to you 24/7, and come into the clubhouse whether you have questions, need some love and support over a rough patch, or want some women to celebrate with when you have a win, no matter how big or small!

how to join

Visit the membership page and enter your email address. You’ll get all the details and registration information by email.

once you join

You are encouraged to participate as your interest and time allow—I know you’re busy! It’s not a class or time-limited program—there is no “behind” in this group!

Jump in with both feet, tentatively stick in a toe, or feel free to just “lurk” if that suits you best.

a special offer

If you use the coupon code TRIBE, you’ll receive your first month FREE—your email and credit card are required but will not be charged until your second month begins.