Overworked, overscheduled, overwhelmed. And, frankly, over. it. all?

Feel like you've been handling everything just fine for 40+ years ... and now you suddenly just can't any more?

Body throwing you curve balls? Emotions all over the place?

You are not alone.

Join our (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood!

Clubhouse opens July 1, 2018  

When you join, you'll find...



Connect with working wives and mothers sharing similar experiences



Discover experts + resources that will help you not just survive but THRIVE in what—contrary to popular belief—can be the happiest, healthiest decades of our lives!



Hear from a wide variety of women who are proactively living into this stage of life

You'll leave the clubhouse refreshed + ready to meet all your obligations and honor your own dreams!

Our virtual clubhouse doors open July 1, 2018!

(Sorta) Secret Sisterhood Clubhouse opens


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