Fl!p Your K!tchen® | Stews, braises, and more veggies


Let’s get back in the kitchen cooking from scratch! “Stews, braises, and more veggies” is an exploration of the art of braising and how we can use it to create warming, comforting foods in the dead of winter.

The link to the Dropbox folder where the replay and recipes live will appear on your confirmation page and will also be emailed to you. Please be sure to double check the email you enter at checkout for accuracy, and check your spam folder if you do not receive the email within an hour of purchase. If you’re having trouble accessing the folder, try the link in another browser.

Please honor intellectual property law! 

The contents of this Dropbox folder are copyrighted by Elizabeth A. Baker, LLC and may not be shared in any way, shape, or form without prior permission.



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