Health is a journey – be sure to carry a map!

Before I work with a client, we have what I call a YOURstory session (like a history, but a little less gendered and a bit more personal!), an opportunity to reflect on their health – past, present, and future.

One question I ask during this session seems to throw a lot of people: “At what point in your life did you feel best, and why do you think that is/was so?” For some, it’s difficult because they have felt unhealthy for so long that it’s hard to recall what feeling good is like. For others, it’s easy to pinpoint the exact time but it’s the “why” part of the question that they’ve never considered before.

compass-626072_1280If we carefully examine when we felt the best, it’s entirely possible to discover why that was so.

But I find that when we consider what is going on when we don’t feel well, we tend to slip into “I don’t know” mode – looking everywhere/anywhere outside of ourselves for the answers and often relying on others to point us in the direction that will take us back to abundant health – and quickly, please!

And that, of course, is where the snake oil/diet pill salesmen fit into the picture – they’re more than happy to sell you a quick fix, one that most often doesn’t work.

Sorry, I won’t sell you a quick fix, but what I can do is tell you that most of us already know what we need to do to get healthy: we all have an inner guide who can show us the way – we only need to be still and listen and trust that inner voice, the one that tells us what combination of practices is right for us (and often for us alone).

These practices can turn into a roadmap, one we can follow when we need to find our way back to health. And along the way, there are rest stops, filling stations, layovers, and even detours – some planned so that we can take the scenic route and some unplanned but just as necessary.

Are you ready to find and listen to your inner guide?

On November 8, my colleague Su Hansen and I are hosting a mini-retreat that will help you get in touch with your inner guide and create your own roadmap to wellness. We’ll spend some time learning some mindfulness practices, mapping our directions, and creating and enjoying a meal together.compass-297299_1280

Let us help you start your journey as you:

  • Map your own unique path to wellness
  • Explore what well-being looks, feels and tastes like for you
  • Learn new ways to know what your body, mind, and spirit truly need and desire
  • Discover how your self care also benefits those around you
  • Chart how to stay on course without getting overwhelmed or losing interest

Won’t you join us?

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