Health coaching…in a client’s words

If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to work with a health coach, here’s an awesome peek into a (star) client’s side of the health coaching equation!

I wasn’t really sure what I signed up for when I agreed to join a health coaching pilot program. I had no idea what a health coach was, but I went in with an open mind expecting to learn more about healthy eating, portions, calories in / calories out, etc….

And then at our first session Liza asked us what was new & good.

What, like what I’m feeling…? I wasn’t prepared for that…. Can’t we just learn about the health benefits of kale or something? Feelings, ugh!?!

Then we did an activity & talked about primary foods & secondary foods and I was like, what !?! How does my family, career, spirituality and relationships have anything to do with…ahh, wait I see. Ugh…this sucks. I have to address all this to be healthy.

So I opened up and dug in and listened. I had to acknowledge where I was currently to move forward. Then I learned to listen more intently to my inner voice. I set goals that were attainable. And I used baby steps. Truly – this is important. If you open it all up and attempt to address everything at once it would be overwhelming.

Liza helped me navigate this, make the connections I couldn’t see on my own. She also shed a light on my inner strength, and I shone a little bit – something I wasn’t sure I could do without feeling selfish. I did 🙂 I do, I am still doing it, living it. Riding through the ups and downs, learning as I go along, not losing sight of the fact that my needs, my dreams, desires, and “I” am important!

Oh…and let’s not forget, I also learned to love kale and appreciate the benefits of eating it often! I’ve also become more conscious of what food I’m buying and eating and how to flip my kitchen 🙂

~Amy A.

Want to learn to love kale, take baby steps, know how important you are, and SHINE?

My next group coaching series, “Supper + Support” starts in April – details on the blog!



  1. Having a personal Health Coach to guide and mentor you through a weight loss journey will fast track your success. With the support and accountability a Coach provides helps you see clearly where the loopholes are and help propel you forward in achieving your dreams faster than ever thought.

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