VT sunrise

Greatest hits | Breakdown on the 110

This week finds me at home in the Green Mountains of Vermont—I know that I can’t claim to be a Vermonter because I wasn’t born here, and their rules about this are super strict.

How do I know? My father once pointed out an obituary that was titled “New Hampshire Woman Dies,” and it turned out that this woman had liven in Vermont since she was two months old, so I don’t stand a chance, having moved here when I was two years old!

Anyway, I try to make it back here at least once a year, and as I gear up for the big changes ahead, this year’s trip was especially welcome.

I’m very happy in Michigan … and every time I’m home, I realize how much my eyes thirst for the sight of mountains on the horizon. Michigan is green … and Vermont is ALL-CAPS GREEN!

It’s a bit ironic, then, that this weeks “greatest hits” replay of one of my most popular posts is about something that happened when we lived in Southern California—probably Vermont’s polar opposite in terms of climate, acceptance of outsiders, and driving experiences!

Not to mention the state of mind (haha, pun intended) each one inspires in me.

Check out Breakdown on the 110, then let me know in the comments or via email, where in this country (or abroad) do you feel most at home and least anxious?