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Greatest hits | Where are you hiding?

As of May 2019, burnout is finally recognized as a syndrome according the the World Health Organization’s 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), a handbook that provides guidelines for medical providers.

My response to this news was a mixture of “Hallelujah—the medical field is catching up to reality!” and “So what? Now big pharma can come up with another money-making idea?” and “It will be so interesting to see how corporate America adjusts to this.”

on being shezausted

One of my best friends taught me the word “shezausted,” which I define as “tired in a way only a woman can understand.”

Burnout—it’s a thing. As working women over 40 (let’s face it, whether we work outside the home, inside the home, or from home, we’re all working overtime), we know this in our bones, and we don’t need WHO to be confirming it for us.

As a health coach who focuses on working women over 40, I see “shezaustion” in most of my clients.

And I’m always curious about how we got this way.

As usual, every story is different … and there’s nothing new under the sun. I recently had a health mapping session with someone, and it threw me right back to a client I had four years ago.

This week, I’m pointing you back to one of my blog’s “greatest hits”—a post titled “Where are you hiding?

More often than not, I find myself “hiding” behind the needs of my family. I realized this again a few days ago when my (very social) youngest got his driver’s license and said, “Just think how much easier your life will be now that you don’t have to drive me around!”

Yes, and … will I now spend that time worrying about him out there driving around with all these terrible drivers? Somehow Michigan, for all its being “car country” (or maybe because it’s the birthplace of the automobile?) has some of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. For starters, apparently turn signals are optional here. But let’s not go there just now.

make the connection

I’m not immune to being shezausted—and I do tend to be pretty aware of it looming and taking steps to avoid it (such as replaying some of the greatest hits of the past 5 years of blogging rather than creating new content).

There is a LOT going on in my home life right now (yes, there is a big reveal coming soon), so I’m taking advantage of the summer to slow down a bit, sleep a lot, clean up my own eating habits, and put in place systems to keep things running smoothly come fall.

Leave me a comment and let me know, where have you been hiding, and what can you do to start putting yourself back in the narrative? Need help figuring that out? Sign up for a free (and pitch-free) YOURstory consultation.