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Kitchen Coaching

What is a kitchen coach?

As a certified integrative nutrition health coach and professionally trained chef, I provide ongoing support and guidance as you reclaim your kitchen and your health. Through kitchen (re)organization, menu planning workshops, my book, online course, and cooking classes, I demystify your kitchen and gently lead you through the steps of setting up a kitchen in which you can cook with confidence – with or without recipes.

  • Do you recognize that cooking from scratch using whole, close-to-the-source ingredients is one of the biggest steps you can take toward reclaiming your health?
  • Does cooking from scratch appear too expensive and/or time-consuming?
  • Have you stopped cooking from scratch because you feel overscheduled or because you never learned how to do it?

As a client of my kitchen coaching program, you will gain…

  • the time management skills needed to plan a week’s worth of menus
  • the cooking skills to execute your plan, even if you work (more than) full time
  • confidence in your ability to cook with or without recipes
  • improved health + well-being
  • a fainter environmental footprint
  • new + meaningful connections with your community and your local economy

Want to know more about my approach?

We start out with the basics:

  • how to organize your kitchen to maximize efficiency
  • how to shop for the best ingredients – on any budget
  • how to stock your pantry/fridge/freezer to minimize food waste
  • how a recipe works

We then move on to cooking skills and menu planning:

  • basic qualities of ingredients
  • simple cooking techniques
  • menu planning classes focus on building your time-management + cooking skills for maximum efficiency

I offer…

  • private classes as part of my personalized health coaching services
  • group classes through my “Supper + Support” series
  • corporate team-building through cooking

Have more questions?

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